Customer Recommendations

These are just some of the comments from my customers. If you would like to speak to one of these people, please email me and I will send you a few names and email addresses.

– Mark Sirianni


Hi Mark, My Rolex Submariner arrived here in Pittsburgh safe and sound this morning. Thank you for the wonderful job you did to restore it to all it’s glory. It looks so good. The crystal looks like new, and so does the stainless steel bracelet. So excited to have it back to 100%. You are a craftsman and should be very proud of the work you do for your customers. I promise to tell everyone I know about your work and attention to detail. Can’t believe I have been sending it to the factory for service all these years when you were right here in PA. I’m afraid it will never be back to the Rolex service department now that I have found you. Again, many thanks. Rick

Greetings Mark…I wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for the profoundly successful transaction we just completed. I confess to a substantial degree of initial trepidation about packing up my Rolex and mailing it to a complete stranger for service but after our phone conversation I proceeded to do so. I received my serviced watch yesterday and want to stress how pleased I am. In every aspect of the process, you have been a pleasure to do business with and I encourage you to post this endorsement for your perspective future clients to see.

Hello Mark. The watch was received in good order. I am very pleased with your work. This is a watch that has not run in over 55 years so it is amazing to see it restored to its former glory. Thank you. Eric

Mark, I thought for a moment that you had sent me the wrong watch. It looked nothing like the Rolex I sent you but upon closer examination I found a very tiny dent that I recognized! Really a fantastic job, you are to be commended for your attention to detail and your expertise! Your reasonable prices and fast turn around should keep you in business for a long time to come. My Rolex runs and looks as good as new! Thank you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to not only my friends but to anyone who needs a watch repaired. Bill Welch Altamonte Springs Fl.Mark gets five stars from me! My old Rolex Datejust stopped working in 2010 and I began researching repair options. My dad had recently had his repaired by Rolex at a cost of nearly $1,500. At that price, sending mine off to Rolex was not an option for me! I found Mark on the web back then but was not sure if I should just send my watch to a guy on the internet… So I did nothing. Fast forward to 2012, and I realized that my watch would forever sit in a drawer if I didn’t so something. So I wrote to Mark. And I read his feedback on eBay. And I took the risk. And it worked out perfectly. In less than three weeks, my watch was back, and on my wrist, for a fraction of the Rolex price. In fact, my wife’s watch needs a battery and it is in the mail to Mark as I write this review. Trust him, you’ll be glad you did. Robert Stoesser

Thanks so much for the overhaul on my Rolex Oyster Gold and Stainless Perpetual. I must admit I was a little reluctant to send my watch off in the mail to someone unknown, however after reviewing your eBay feedback I am glad I made the choice to use your services. Your price was amazingly affordable and your turn around time within two weeks. My watch looks and runs like new. Thanks for the great service. Best Regards, Tom Howell

Hi Mark, Just want to thank you again for the excellent job you did on my 15 year old Rolex. I wear it everyday and it runs perfectly. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a reputable jeweler to repair their treasured jewelry. Best to you always, Kathy Manett

Hi Mark, Just want to thank you again for the excellent service on my Rolex Submariner, over a year ago. Working and keeping time just great! ‘Enjoy your informative emails as well. You are the (watch) Man!

Mark: The Hamilton 972 arrived yesterday afternoon and is running beautifully! Thank you so much for giving it another life! This beautiful old watch is now serving its third owner. It has become a family heirloom and has been in the family for three generations now (1912-2014). I truly appreciate your dedication to keeping treasures like this “alive”. Thank you Mark. I will not hesitate to call on you again. Best wishes, Bob Lea

Mark, I picked up the watch today and I must say there is still craftsmanship in PA. You made a watch I stopped using look new again. My grandson will be getting this watch as a present. He saw it in the safe and liked the 70’s look of the Gruen and the gold band. I thank you for your excellent work making my graduation watch look and run like new again. The Gruen watch looks out of place between the Rolex and Omega watches on your face book page but it is special to me. Thank You! Lou Mercaldo

Hi mark, I have been meaning to contact you. Several weeks ago I sent you my prized possession, a Hamilton watch co Bunn special serial # 2392496 railroad watch that is stem wind lever set. it ran fine just needed your magic to be perfect, and boy is it ever. I set and wound it and set it right beside a battery operated wrist watch that never needs setting. I watched it for five days and it never gained or lost one second according to the wrist watch which I know has been accurate for years. I have bought several watches from you (to name two) a 992 and 992B pocket watches, not to mention many pocket watches you have serviced for me over time. feel free to use this info and my name in any of your ads. I am a VERY satisfied customer and guarantee next time I need a watch repaired/serviced, since no one but you ever touches my prized possessions, I will be sending it to the watch doctor mark sirianni!!!!!
Thanks, Johnny McClain

I received my Lady Rolex yesterday, Thank You! You restored my husband Jerry’s Rolex about a month ago and he was very happy, so that he suggested that I should have my Rolex cleaned also. My Rolex was a gift from Jerry for our wedding anniversary many years ago. You restored my watch just like a brand new again and I am overjoyed! We will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in next year, and I know that I will cherish and treasure my Rolex for many more years now that it was given a new life again. Thank you so very much for your wonderful service. Sincerely, Kumi Cappoen

Mark, my Rolex just came this morning and its beautiful! I felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping it! Thank you very much for the service, the help getting it shipped, the speed of your service, and the great communication throughout the process. I also enjoyed reading your newsletter/blog last night and have added myself to your list for future issues…..very informative and interesting. This is my watch’s second overhaul by you and, at my recommendation, my sister has had you do her Rolex a few months back. She also is thrilled with your service. Her husband has a Breitling and I’m wondering if you perform service on them as well? Again, thanks, and have a great day! Elton (Joe) Eenigenburg

Hi Mark, Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the very quick repair/overhaul of my 30 year old Rolex Air-King. Very happy you were able to repair the original oyster band as I really did not want to replace it with a generic band. I was a bit concerned what you might find when you opened it as this was the first service on the watch since new(I won’t wait as long next time!!). In any case the watch looks great and is running better than it as in years and the week turnaround time was very unexpected. Thanks again, Frank DeCola

Mark, I got the watch today. Magnificent is all I can say. Throughout the entire process you were top notch keeping me informed all the way and providing the best insight and advice on how to proceed. With that alone you earned my trust and any future business. After seeing the “reveal” I won’t give anyone but yourself my business in the future and will exclusively recommend you to friends who need the services of expert watchmaker. Thank you again. I wish you and your family all the best and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Bob Sawyers

Mark: As you said, I got the watch on Monday. It is keeping excellent time and your quality work is evident again. Thanks for your service, excellent communication, and tremendous value. I recommend your service to everyone. Thanks again. Larry Glasco.

Dear Mark: My Hamilton 992B has been running steadily for about 28 hours now and is surprisingly accurate! I realize that a 65 year old Hamilton will never have chronometer-like accuracy and I don’t expect it It’s just wonderful to see it running again. I feel very fortunate that there is a truly dedicated person such as yourself that will still restore these fine historic timepieces! I want to thank you one last time for giving the old Hamilton a new life. When one of my other mechanical watches needs service or repair, I will call on you again. Thanks, Bob Lea

Mark, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, family things. Pls feel free to edit and post as you see fit. As is the case with most Rolex owners, mine comes with a story. I didnt just pop into a store and buy my Rolex, it was bought for me. For years, decades actually, I had wanted a Rolex, but just could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on a watch for me. My wife Mary, listened patiently and encouraged me to get what I wanted, but there was always some contingency that put the purchase off. After 29 years of marriage, Mary died in August, 2001 and while going through her estate I found an envelope marked Raps Rolex Watch, and enough cash to cover the cost. So I bought it, had the back engraved with her nickname T-mary and have the perfect memory and perfect watch. In the decade since she passed, I have had my watch overhauled twice. Once by a local guy who actually mailed my Rolex off and lost it for a time. So it was with a lot of trepidation that I inquired about mailing my Rolex to Mark Sirianni. I called Mark and within 2 sentences felt confident that he is the kind of guy I can trust with Marys watch. His work is flawless, on time, about one half the price of my former local guy, and the best part is his frequent progress updates via email. Next time, there will be no calling around, Mark will overhaul my Rolex. Rap McBurney

Hi Mark-
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY happy with my Omega Dynamic. It runs beautifully. Your turnaround time was efficient and level of service, AWESOME!! I will sent some more business your way at a later time but for now I am enjoying my watch.
Cheers and all the best!
Michelle Barnett

Hello Mark, I just got the watch and you did a superior job, as usual. In today’s world it is not easy to find a watchmaker that you trust to do a good job, consistently. Believe me, I am old enough to remember being able to visit with my watchmaker while we discussed watches, watchmaking and life in general. Today, none of the young people who work for me even wear a watch, most of the time. I hope you have no immediate plans for retirement any time soon. Thanks again for another wonderful job. Stephen

Mark, just wanted you to know that my Rolex Oyster just passed its ultimate test several weeks after your cleaning. Originally, when new and for several years, I could remove the Oyster from my wrist overnight and it would not need any winding at all. Starting last year and pre your cleaning I would need to wind it every 3 or 4 days. The Rolex has not needed winding for the several weeks since you returned it and is operating again the same as when it was new. Thanks again for a job well done. Jack Barnes

Mark, Got the watch today…looks and works great. Thanks again for not giving up on this one, I know it was a challenge. It means a lot to me as it was my Dads. Kevin

Mark, The watch arrived this afternoon. It looks wonderful and is running great. Thank you for the quick turn-around time and for being so easy to work with both on the phone and via email. Your repair work is highly recommended.

Thank you, Mark for the excellent job you did on repairing and cleaning my Rolex. I don’t think it has been as clean and shiny since I first got it and you fixed the date bar so I can rely on it again. I appreciate the work you did and the obvious care you give to these watches. I will definitely use you again and will recommend you to others! Thanks again, Pat Zucker

Mark, Yesterday was a bit hectic and as my wife and I had two medical appointments each. I did not email you that the watch arrived and when we consider you mailed it on Saturday and we got it in Monday’s mail, I must admit that is really good on the Post Office’s part, especially since there is first class mail we just plain don’t get delivered at times. But that is beside the point… I did wind the watch, my wife’s pendant watch, and it ran just fine overnight and kept pretty darn good time, too. You sure did a wonderful job and when I consider the return shipping, your having to buy the part, etc., the price was very reasonable. Thank you again and, God willing, I hope to get all my watch work done by you in the future. I am very satisfied, and fortunate I learned of you and your good work. Regards, Dan

Mark, Got the watch today…looks and works great. Thanks again for not giving up on this one, I know it was a challenge. It means a lot to me as it was my Dads. Kevin

Thank you very very much. I have the watch. I will recommend you to everyone. I appreciate the service and communication, Rolex service would have never been this transparent and efficient. Thanks again. This is small business Saturday. Willie J

Hi Mark
I received the pocket watches today and I want to say you did a wonderful job on them. They wind so smooth and look really great thank you so very much for a great job on them. You are a true master at what you do, my hat is off to you.    Sincerely, Jim Miller

Mark,I wanted to thank you again for servicing my midsize Omega Seamaster Pro automatic. ?Ive been wearing it for a day and it seems to be keeping good time (only +3 second change in 24 hours, which I’m sure is within adjustment parameters; after all, if I wanted greater accuracy, I would wear a quartz watch, which I have no interest in doing.Again, thanks for giving me a new appreciation for overall nice mechanical watch; your expertise and fine skill are greatly appreciated. John

Mark, I realized that I had pictures of you, so I thought you should have one of me and my wife, Shirley. The package was delivered this morning just before lunch. Both watches look like new. I am very pleased. You can never know just how appreciative I am of you and your professional expertise and outstanding work. I have never done business with anyone that is so dedicated to his profession and his customers. I have recommended you to several friends and urged them to contact you if they ever need this kind of service. The problem is . . . most of them wear Timex! If I ever have watch troubles again I will be in touch . . . no one else will touch my watches. Best regards, loyal friend and customer Warren

Mark, I received both of the above watches on 3-11-13. The Illinois has kept time since last night&n and is right on the money as of this date. Not bad for a 100+ year old watch!

As usual a great job on your part. I will contact you in a week or so to send other watches.&n My friend picked up his Hamilton watch last night and as far as I know there are no issues with it.& Thanks. James

Mark, Thanks for the overhaul on my invicta. This is the first time since it was new that it actually worked like it should. I thought for sure something was broken but the overhaul you did has it working perfect and I’m really enjoying being able to rely on it. Oh, and I did notice the cleaning and the light polish on the band which added to the value. Again, thanks and I have already recommended you to friends of mine who I’m sure you’ll be hearing from. Thanks, Tim

Mark, Thanks for the beautiful job you did on our father’s old Hamilton.

It will be the centerpiece of his 80th birthday (besides being surrounded by his family).
He’s going to be shocked. It keeps very good time, and so far has a power reserve exceeding 30 hours.
I hope it wasn’t too much of a mess inside (I remember him wearing it when boating & fishing in the late 60s).Thanks, Steve

My Rolex Submariner had abruptly stopped working and I sent it to Mark for a diagnosis. He examined the watch and indicated that a routine overhaul would return it to proper running condition. This was, frankly, a situation in which an unethical person could have advised me that there were serious and expensive problems present. I personally have experienced problems of this sort in auto repair situations. I appreciate Mark’s honesty and his excellent workmanship. The watch is now running like new. I will not hesitate to utilize his services in the future and to recommend him to my friends. Jim SchefflerHello Mark, How long have you been a practicing magician? When I got my Omega Constellation back 33 days ago, I put it in a winder for a few hours then set it by my atomic clock. I wear it occasionally and keep it in the winder. Today I checked it against the atomic clock and it was 20 seconds fast. That?s 0.6 Seconds per day which I think is much better than I expected. Just wanted you to know I?m very pleased with your work. When do you suggest I send it to you again for service to maintain proper lubrication?

Mark, Wanted to let you know that I received the watch today. It looks fantastic, just like it did when it was given to me 20 years ago. Thanks so much for a GREAT job. I’ll definitely be recommending you. I will be sending you the watch we discussed shortly. It’s nothing like the Rolex, but I would like to get it working again for sentimental reasons. Again, thanks so much. Regards, Charles Davis

I received my Longines watch today and it looks beautiful. The new crystal and the restored face makes the watch look almost new. I made the mistake of using a metal expansion band years ago and it wore the band lugs. I am very happy with the work you performed and will be sending my other watches to you in the future. Thanks, John (Bill) Lees

Mark: I received the watch last wednesday. I gave you the highest Feedback rating on EBAY. The Omega is keeping perfect time, and I appreciate the red tip on the second hand. You are excellent and I highly recommend you. Thanks, Larry Glasco

Mark, Add me to the list of satisfied customers. I sent in my Rolex Date Just broken (after allowing my high school son to wear it to school against the advise of my wife–why does it always work out that way?). Anyway, the watch came back better than new in a very short turn around time. I was also so pleased with the price; significantly less than most. If that were not enough, Mark keeps you updated about the repair price and status, so you are never in the dark. It is a nice old fashioned way to do business, and it sure beats paying a higher price for an inferior service at the mall or big chain store. Yes, I will be back for the next watch project that comes along. Even my wife did not stay mad because of the service and price! Thanks Mark for that help. John G. Audi, Esq.

Mr. Sirianni, I am letting you know how the two watches you overhauled are doing. I am truly amazed how accurate these watches are running. First of all, I would wind the watches at the same time every morning and would leave them crown up for the whole day and at night would place them dial up on the dresser. I started both of them last Monday and checked them at 3:30 pm today (Sunday). The 1906 17 jewel Waltham in the hunter case is 55 seconds fast and the 1928 21 jewel Illinois Bunn Special is 30 seconds slow. Absolutely fantastic! I am sure this is a reflection on your skills as a watchmaker. I am proud to have these watches running again and will treasure these heirlooms for many years. Please feel free to use me as a reference if any of your customers need one. Thanks again, Carroll T. Richards

Mark- Received the watch in the mail yesterday. The Omega looks almost new, is running smoothly and I?m wearing it today! My wife was very impressed. Take care, and I look forward to sending you another watch in the future (with less e-mails?) as this process worked out great. Wonderful work and many thanks! Sincerely, Eric Vacek

Hi Mark, First of all I have to thank you so very much for fixing my Rolex!!! My husband surprised me with my fixed Rolex for Christmas and it has been working WONDERFULLY ever since! I know that my husband Reg, told you our story of the two broken Rolexes?.Reg was kind enough to have mine fixed and now I want to return the favor and have his fixed. I think that he may have told you that he received his Rolex when he was on the winning boat, Courageous, when they won the America?s Cup in 1974?huge source of pride for him! Anyway, our anniversary is 9/8 (33 years, yikes!) and I would love to surprise him as he surprised me! Any chance if I send it to you this week, you could get it done by then? Thank you so much! We have passed your name on to many sailors who need or will need service on their Rolex

I recieved my watch today in perfect condition. Please use me as a reference if needbe. Thanks, Jim HarrellMark, I thought for a moment that you had sent me the wrong watch. It looked nothing like the Rolex I sent you but upon closer examination I found a very tiny dent that I recognized! Really a fantastic job, you are to be commended for your attention to detail and your expertise! Your reasonable prices and fast turn around should keep you in business for a long time to come. My Rolex runs and looks as good as new! Thank you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to not only my friends but to anyone who needs a watch repaired. Bill Welch Altamonte Springs Fl.

Mark, I thought for a moment that you had sent me the wrong watch. It looked nothing like the Rolex I sent you but upon closer examination I found a very tiny dent that I recognized! Really a fantastic job, you are to be commended for your attention to detail and your expertise! Your reasonable prices and fast turn around should keep you in business for a long time to come. My Rolex runs and looks as good as new! Thank you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to not only my friends but to anyone who needs a watch repaired. Bill Welch Altamonte Springs Fl.

Mark, EXCELLENT work on my Hamilton automatic. Watch is running the best it ever has. Thank you so much. You are one of the best out there in terms of professional quality work and fair prices. I was so pleased with the work you did my Hamilton I sent you a vintage Elgin I have had for some time that also needs your touch. Thanks- Kevin

I’m very happy with his work. He just finished my Omega, with about two week turnaround time. I paid no additional fees, just the $95 cleaning/overhaul charge. The local jewelry store wanted $350 for the same work, and they were going to have send out too a watch maker (not an Omega service center). But just remember that when he opens your watch, he may find unforeseen problems that will cost extra. He will be getting all my work from now on. Hope that helps, take care, Jeremy

I wanted to thank you for servicing my Omega Seamaster Automatic. I’ve been wearing it for a month and it runs smoothly and accurately. I am as satisfied today as I was the first time that I sent you my watches for service, few years back. Thank you again, Vinicio

Mark, Good afternoon! Thanks again for all your hard work and patience with getting this Omega up and running. Everything seems to be OK now. I cannot thank you enough for the extra effort involved with this piece. I have a Rolex sub and an Omega Seamaster Professional I’ll be sending you in the upcoming months for basic overhauls. At least those should be relatively easy. Thanks again! Todd Santoro

Hey Mark, Had to write back. Thanks for the suggestion on removal of the front bezel on my pocket watch. I used a soft wood pencil shaft to tap around the cover to loosen it without damaging the case and presto-the cover loosened and came right off. Thank you for the tech expertise!!! I looked at the threads and to my surprise, all looks good. It now goes on and comes off smoothly-GO FIGURE……………. Anyway, thank you very very much! For what its worth, and in my book a lot, I am impressed and pleased with how quickly you respond to inquiries and questions. It’s getting harder to find committed quality craftsmen in any given field and I thank you!! Have a good night, Paul

Mark Received my Rolex today,it looks as it did 25 years ago when I bought it. Thank you very much for such excellent service.It appears to be running perfectally. It will not be 25 years when I once again return it to you for service. THANK YOU, Bill M

Hi Mark, I received my Rolex Tuesday,it looks and runs great.Feel free to use my information for referrals. Thank You Donald Pinto

Hi Mark, I received the watch repaired yesterday in the mail. It is working great and very good job polishing the Gold Watch. Wish to thank you for keeping me updated and I will be referring business to you from my friends. Its good to see honest people still left in watch repair business who are dedicated to doing good craftsmanship repair of a automatic watch. Thank You Mark Carmel Correa

Dear Mark, You asked if you could post my comments on your website. I have no issues with that except I want to add 2 comments. This is my initial comment: “As I figured the wife’s Constellation showed up while I was gone. I set it yesterday and put in on the watch winder beside my Omega Constellation. You serviced my Omega over a year ago. Today they are both showing the same exact time. Who ever said that if you have 2 watches, you never know exactly what time it is? These watches that you have serviced are both right on. I also received the Bulova I won in auction and am wearing it now. That is a great watch too. This makes 5 watches that you have done service for me. I will be sending you the Elgin Asymmetric soon. You do great work at a very reasonable rate. Thank you.” I want to add my email address is I am not an anonymous posting. If there are any questions or concerns, email me. I will stand behind Mark’s work. The second comment is I am a member of NAWCC and have the basic knowledge to clean and oil my own watches. I like to say I know enough to be dangerous. I can’t repair a broken watch, but I can take it apart, clean it, and oil it. I know what it takes to do a good service job on a watch and I elect to send my “special” watches to Mark. I want to make sure they are in tip-top shape and you get that with Mark. Thanks for your work, Gary

Mark, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. February is a very busy month in my business. I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on my Rolex. I bought it new in 1985 and it’s been on my wrist pretty much every day since which I’m sure you noticed when you pulled it out of the packaging. The only thing that’s ever been done to it has been the occasional cleaning with jewelry polish which had left it so shiny it looked like a fake. The watch I received back looks pretty much like it did the day I bought it. I don’t think there’s a better compliment I could give. I’ve purchased two other Rolex watches sice this one. I never liked wearing either of them. I missed wearing this watch so the other one’s stayed in their boxes before moving on to new owners. Suffice to say I’m very fond of this watch. I was a bit hesitant in sending it to you, simply because the price you quoted was so much less than any of the others I spoke with. “Too good to be true…” , or so the adage goes. I spoke with several others, with the next closest quote being over $500 for a cleaning, refurb and new crystal. But not being able to find a bad word about you, I decided to give it a try. As I mentioned before, I was very much pleased with the result. It also was nice to see there’s someone who will do a quality job at a fair price. My impression of the other’s is they have a “Hey- we’re cheaper than Rolex” attitude. Also worth noting, the consistent feedback, letting me know the watch arrived safely and the progress updates were quite appreciated. I also learned in this process just what chance I was taking by not regularly servicing the watch. Since I boat, swim, snorkel, hot tub and so on quite regularly, it’s a miracle this thing didn’t come to you waterlogged. The best compliment I can pay you is to refer you to my friends that own Rolex or other quality watches. I sent an e-mail with pictures of the watch to a couple dozen folks, including the story about what chance they’re taking. I’d expect you’ll be seeing their watches in the near future. Thanks once again for your professionalism and the quality of work you provided. Chris

Mark I have just returned from the post office. My watch was waiting for me. Naturally, I had to open the package and see what was within. I am overwhelmed by the appearance. It looks brand new!! To say that I am pleaased would be a massive understatment. I am absolutely satisifed in every way. And, the cost of the work was very reasonable. If there is any sort of testimonial I can provide, please do not hesitate to request it. Simply put…… Thank You!! Bill Besarick

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job you did. Bulova received and looks and runs great and keeps good time. The one I bought for my brother loses about a minute a day so I plan to send it to you. But, there is a another cool one I want to buy so I will send them both to you at the same time. Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you. It?s not everyday that I feel comfortable sending stuff to random people I found on the internet, but your professionalism, your prompt responses, and your website gave me immediate confidence. I have told other folks about you. Keep up the good work. JP Lee

Mr. Sirianni, I received both watches today at 4:00PM.and they arrived in good shape. I am very happy to have these watches running again as they represent many fond memories from family members who have long passed away. They are “ticking away” even as I write this e-mail. I will let you know how they are keeping time in about one week. Thanks again, Carroll T. Richard

Hi Mark, Thanks for the great work on the Blue Tudor watch. I’ve had it on my wrist for the past week and it keeps great time. I really appreciate the work of a true, dedicated professional. I’ll soon be sending you a Rolex and a Tutima, each of which which work OK but they need general service. The Tutima needs a bit of special work on the band, which I’ll describe later. Bob Weir

Mark, Watch arrived today safe and sound. Thank you very much. I thought it was in pretty good shape before I sent it but wow, it looks like new! Thanks again and I will surely be a returning customer. Best regards, John

Mark, Got the Rolex back yesterday. Super Job – runs great and polished up very nicely. I am a pleased customer, and will recommend you to my associates. Regards, David Redfearn

Just wanted to let you know that the watch arrived yesterday. Looks great and is working great. Thank you for your very prompt servicing and return. I will definitely recommend you to any friends that need such repair and servicing, and I will definitely use your service when it is time to have the watch cleaned again. Best regards, Art Bergman

Mark,Received my Omega,every thing looks beautiful ! Thank You,Sincerely Timothy Smalley

Hi Mark, We received the Rolex and so far everything is great. We can allways rely on your excellent workmanship for get the great price, You are the best. Thanks again … Doug

I want to thank you for the work you did on my watch…….it is beautiful! Thank you. Julia

Good morning. I received the watch on Saturday. Its perfect – thank you again so very much. Deb

Mark, I got the Hamilton 992 today. It looks fabulous. I set it and wound it up. It took right off, which it didn’t do before without shaking. So we are off to a good start already! I will keep an eye on it to see how accurate it is. If I remember right, this is the 4th watch you have worked on for me. You do great work and I know I will keep coming back. Thanks, Gary M. Tripp

Mark, It’s getting that time of the season, when you look back and reflect on what has happened for the last year. I just want to take a moment and thank you for all the fine work you have done for mne during this year and all the years we have done business. As an avid collector, you have been responsible in bringing my extensive collection to life. There has been no piece you have overhauled or repaired that has not been of the highest quality. With a great number of pieces yet to be serviced, I can think of no one I have greater confidence in to do this work. Thanks again and may the season bring the best to you and your family. Jim Fjetland

Mark, Thanks for the excellent work you did on my Rolex! It looks brand new. The repair people out here in the Bay Area started their quotes at $600.00 and also warned be that there would be, usually, $150 – 600 in additional work required. It is nice to know there are honest people like yourself out there, Thanks,Bruce Morton

Mark: I just wanted to let you know that I have been wearing my Rolex Datejust everyday since you repaired and sent it back to me. This watch has never ran this good and I want to thank you for your craftsmanship and truthful service. I have already recommended you to a few friends of mine and I hope they contact you soon. I am very please with your work. Thanks again! Stanley Mongin

Got the watch today. My grandfather would have been proud to see his watch looking so good. You did an amazing job and I am well pleased. Thank you for your services, I will use them again and refer anyone that needs professional, quality watch repair. I’ll get the $20.00 for the band off to you monday. It’s a really nice band too. Thank you, Mike Burt

Mark, The watch looks very nice and it appears to be keeping good time. Thanks for the prompt and professional service. We will definitely recommend you to our friends. Glen and Christy Calhoun

Mark, Just a short note to say thank you once again. Your overhaul on my 1956 Hamilton 992b truly amazed me! It is like a brand new watch! Upon receipt of my watch I wound & set it 05/30 using the internet clock, 23 days later it is still spot on! Please supply my name & address to anyone who would like more information about the quality of your service as well as your personal guarantee on your work. Tom French, Pocomoke city, MD Thanks again!

Mark, The watch arrived yesterday. It looks fantastic! I sent you a beat up scratched Rolex that you could barely see through the crystal and you sent me back a watch that looks like brand new! You are a master! Thanks so much, we couldn?t be happier! Steve & Janet Recker

Hi Mark, Just received my Elgin Sportsman; your work looks truly impressive! Watch is running well, and is looking better than I envisioned. Thanks for your work–I’ll be sure to recommend your overhaul service. Best, Josh

Mark, I received the two watches (Rolex Speedking and Tudor Princess) in good condition on Saturday afternoon. Both watches look great! You did a very nice job with them. When I got some time by myself about an hour later, I immediately took the watches out to check their condition, wound the Rolex and ?bumped? the Tudor into the palm of my hand several times, set their times to the correct time, and returned the Speedking to its box and the Tudor I placed inside my front pocket wrapped in a little bubble wrap for safe keeping to allow the eccentric weight enough rotations to sufficiently wind the watch while I moved around during the day. Here we are at Monday morning, about 39 hours after receiving them, and the Speedking is keeping excellent time when checked with a quartz reference watch, and the Princess is keeping very good time by gaining only about two minutes ? or a little more than a minute-per-day, when compared to the same reference watch. I believe that?s within the daily variance factory specifications established by Tudor (Rolex) for new timepieces, and this watch is about 40 years old. I honestly can?t ask for more than that. I?m very pleased with the work you did on these watches and the cost of getting them serviced. Thank you very much, and I am certain I?ll use your services again in the future with other watches I own. I appreciate your effort and time. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to get their quality watches serviced. Regards, Robert

Mr. Sirianni – Thank you very much for the return of my wife’s watch and my watch. I know that we have been a pain in your side but I very much appreciate your hard work. I also very much appreciate you standing behind your work. Finally, I appreciate your explanation of what was wrong with my watch. My wife and I will refer any friends we have to you that may need to have their Rolex watches serviced. Thanks again, Robert E. Long

Hi Mark, I received my watch yesterday, it looks great and is keeping perfect time. I?m very pleased with the service and quick turnaround you provide. I have a few friends that also have either Omega?s or Rolex subs and I will certainly refer them to you for service. Thanks again and I?ll call you when one of my other watches comes due. Regards; Bill

Dr. Sirianni: Thanks again for the great job in resuscitating my ailing Longines wristwatch. The reconditioned dial and cleaned mechanism have given my art-deco style watch another 60 years of life. Keep up your good work in preserving vintage watches. Jim Malys

Mark, Sorry not to email any sooner but I have just been swamped at work. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I received my Rolex back and I couldn’t be more pleased. If possible, it looks better than it did the day I purchased it. Thanks for the excellent service and you can count on repeat business from me. If you ever need a reference for your work, you can certainly use me. Thanks again. Respectfully, Richard Baldwin

Mark: Just a quick note to say “thank you” for such a good job on my Omega Seamaster…. The repair was quick, and the watch works perfectly. Mark

Mark, I want to thank you for the great service on my Rolex. It is running as a Rolex should and you did it at a price that is unbeatable. Thanks for making the clasp on the band catch like it should( I noticed it as soon as I put it on). You are very honest and worthy of the great reputation you have earned. I know who to send my watches to from now on. Best wishes, Steven Bennett

My Rolex just arrived. 24 hours from PA. It looks just great. I can’t believe this is a 60 year old watch. I sure appreciate the service & if you need a recommendation that I could help with, let me know. By the way: the time was right, except we are on Central time. Thanks again T. C. Hooper

Hi Mark, I received my watch yesterday, it looks great and is keeping perfect time. I?m very pleased with the service and quick turnaround you provide. I have a few friends that also have either Omega?s or Rolex subs and I will certainly refer them to you for service. Thanks again and I?ll call you when one of my other watches comes due. Regards; Bill

Mark, I just got the Errol in the mail and it is on my wrist and ticking away. The watch looks absolutely fantastic. It is a real stunner and I am happy with how it came out. I’ll keepan eye on it all night to see how the accuracy is. sincerely, Gary

Mark, I received my Roles today. It looks like a new Rolex. Great work. I’m impressed. I had second thoughts about sending my Rolex to someone over the internet, and now I am really glad I did. I will highly recommend you. Corky Morrison

Mark, I received the Howard watch yesterday. The watch has run all night and is keeping perfect time. Another great job on your part. I will contact you next week on sending another watch. Have a nice holiday weekend. James

Hello Mark. I received my watches to day in the mail. Thank you for the speedy mail! I also want to tell you that all of my business is going to you. I really am impressed. I read all of the other comments people were making about your watch repair, and was very skeptical about parting with my lifelong friend, my ?Rolex? This watch has been through my whole adult life and I favor it. Notice the SSN on the back???We use to not worry about things like that. Thank you for doing an outstanding job on both the Rolex and the Bulova. I noticed that the Rolex was set to the exact time. More will be headed your way!!! You and your family have a great year, and I?ll be happy to recommend you to my associates. Thanks,Gary

Mark, I hope Spring is treating you well. I just wanted to say thank you again for treating another dear friend of mine so well. I believe you did a ?lube/oil/adjust/tune-up/etc? recently on Doug Smith?s Rolex GMT. It looks great with the new ?Coke? bezel. I have always liked that v. a ?Pepsi? bezel. I know he was very happy with your work. Your service and prices will keep me recommending you to all my friends and associates. Should my Omega Seamaster GMT need work, you will be my first call. Please tell me you kids are learning at your knee re the watch making businessJ ? If I can ever be or personal or professional assistance, please call. David Barnes

Mark, I really appreciate the work you did on my buddy Dan Nelson?s Omega Seamaster. I recommended you after seeing your site, reading your feedback on eBay and talking with you a bit on the phone last year. You were patient and extremely knowledgeable. I am a huge believer in having a go to watch master, florist and mechanic. I followed your advice re buying an Omega Seamaster GMT in that I was patient and simply waited for the right on to come along from a BBB that was closing down. Knowing that you do such good Omega work allowed me to buy knowing that I had a quality place to send my watch should it ever need work. I am still batting .667 on that one as the mechanic is always the hardest to find J It is my hope that someone in your family will follow your footsteps. Please know that I will pass your name on to a couple of friends who have older Rolexes which need servicing. If I can ever be of help, please do hesitate to contact me. David Barnes

Mark, my Omega Seamaster Deville watch arrived back today! THANKS!!! You did an incredible job of repairing it and everything is just like brand new. It looks/runs just like it did 42 years ago when new. I really sincerely appreciate everything you did. I will definitely be back in the future. Thanks, Duane

Hi Mark, Received my wife’s watch on the 16th. Thanks very much for your fast repair and return. I must tell you, I was a little concerned about just mailing off such an expensive time piece with my only contact having been via the internet… your integrety shows and you are now stuck with new life long clients! Thanks again for such a fine and reasonably priced job! You are a joy to do business with. Please feel free to to add me to your happy and satisfied customer list. Regards, Dick

You’ll remember us – we drove our watches up in October, two Rolexes, mine and wife’s. Mine had a broken crystal. My watch has never run more accurately in the 40 years I’ve had it. I had to reset it to Central time last weekend on a trip and it was still exactly right before doing that, even after three months straight running without resetting. Betty’s is so accurate that I got her a watch winder to keep it wound for her – that way she never has to reset it. This is remarkable work, no previous repair facility (including Rolex New York) has achieved this level of accuracy. Thank you. Ed

Hi Mark, I was able to retrieve my Rolex shipment at the post office yesterday. My SeaDweller looks great and is keeping perfect time. Thank you! I am very impressed with both the speed and quality of your service. I will be sure to use you for my future watch servicing requirements. Thanks again, Jay Willmott

Mark, sorry for the delay. Your e-mail was filtered in as spam. I have the watch and love your work and efforts. I will return to you and recommend you in the future. My wife and I went out for our 16th anniversary last night. She with her watch and I with my 1910 Elgin pocket watch. I guess we could have looked at our cell phones but there is no romance in that. Thank you again, Matt.

Hi Mark – You’ve done a number of repairs for me in the past so I am not a new customer. However, the most recent repair was the first Rolex you had done for me. The watch runs wonderful. I normally set watches to a digital clock that receives daily updates from the Naval Observatory radio time signal, so it should be pretty accurate. I received the watch back about 2 weeks ago and it is running about 45 seconds fast over that time period. I did not look up what level of error is acceptable for a chronometer but I’m sure the average of 3 seconds per day fast is well within the tolerance. Just so I don’t forget, the watch looks great too. I supplied you with a new-old-stock ‘Tuxedo’ dial (genuine Rolex) & it looks tremendous. Thanks again for a great job. Also, feel free to add me to your list of testimonials. Dave Johnson

Thanks so much Mark – it is very nice….great job. Sorry I have not written sooner. 10″ of snow in Seattle….we have been colder than Alaska. Anyway, absolutely a great deal. The watch is perfect…runs as good or better than new. And it almost looked new. Just an amazing job. I will start going out-of-my-way to tell my friends and others about your business. Warmest Regards, Charley Reavis

“At first I was hesitant to send a rolex to someone in another state. But after several rolexes, Mark’s honesty and integrity have continued to amaze me. His prices are a fraction of what so called “rolex experts” charge. I will send all of my rolexes there for servicing as needed and I recommend him to all of my colleagues in the legal and medical fields. ” Sincerely, David M. Chester Attorney At Law

Mark, Please use me on your reference page. I was a skeptical about sending my Rolex watch to an unknown quantity. I overcame this and sent you my watch. It was repaired promptly and under the original estimated cost. It was a great deal and I am happy that my watch is running like new. Thanks Jerry

Watch looks good and is running beautifully. Thank you for your help. -Rich

Mark, received my Hamilton watch today. Thank you! Seems to work well. I will certainly keep you in mind for my future repairs. Thanks again, Steve

I just wanted you to know that I received the ROLEX in excellent condition. You’ve done a marvelous ob and thanks for everything. Sincerely, Rey

Mark, I received my vintage Tudor back yesterday and it looks like new and now winds as smooth as butter. Thank you so much for your superb service, excellent communication, and fast turn around. I really am impressed and will be sending you my other watches when they’re due for service. I’ll also spread the word of your good work on TRF, TZ, and Watchnet. Please feel free to use this email on your testimonial page and you can feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again Mark, Jim

Hello Mr. Sirianni:, At the end of August I sent you my Seamaster for calibration/service.This note is to thank you and let you know that my watch has NEVER kept better time, even when it was new. I don’t know what you did (it’s been in for service/calibration 3 times since I bought it) but it’s FINALLY a true chronometer. You, sir, are a true professional. Best Regards, Stephen

Mark, thank you for repairing the Bulova watch, it looks and runs beautifully. According to a letter my aunt wrote in 1945 to my uncle (who was over with Patton in Germany) my dad bought the watch at a Navy depot. My dad who is 89 remembers the watch but does not remember buying it. Anyway it looks great. Thank you Russ Burton

Mark, received the watch in good order. Looks great and runs as it should. I am very pleased. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Best wishes, Fred DeMetrovich Dallas, TX

Hello Mark, Great Job, My watch is running @ 3-4 seconds fast in 48 hrs. Can’t beat that with a stick. Thanks again. John Rieger

Mark, I received the watches back a few days ago, and both are keeping very good time. In particular, I want to thank you for your excellent work on my father’s old Elgin work watch. It was an awful looking mess when I sent it to you, but now it is a very nice looking watch that could be carried anywhere with pride. Thank you once again for all of your superb work. Best regards ……. Jim

My Rolex was delivered yesterday. It is beautiful. I was impressed that you had even set the date! I must admit that I was somewhat trepidatious at sending my watch in the mail to be repaired but the numerous good feedbacks relaxed me. I will be posting excellent feedback as well as recommending you to my friends. Jerry Billings…………….. my $175 total was well spent.

Hi Mark, I received the watch today. The watch looks fantastic. Please add me to your list of satisfied customers, I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know who needs watch service, and please feel free to have any of your prospective customers contact me. Again thank you very much. Frank Inserra

Hi Mark I received my watch via USPS Express Mail yesterday.It looks great and over the subsequent 24 hours is working great. Thank you for your combination of quality work, timely and communicative service and fair prices. Sources for these 3 essentials are in short supply these days. 🙂 Best wishes for this holiday season Thanks much Tim Fleming

Just wanted to say that you did an outstanding job on my watch (Omega Constelaltion — 1964) and I would be very pleased to recommend your service to anyone going forward. Richard Brad Wallis

Just thought you might like to read the post I did on Timezone Rolex forum: I don’t normally go out of my way to praise anyone, but I feel I must. I sent in a Rolex Datejust to Mark Sirriani dba in Kane, PA. His prices are outstanding, ($150 for overhaul and case and band polishing, including overnight return shipping). He replaced my acrylic crystal for $30 and did a hand and dial swap with parts I supplied for no charge. I have used Rolex Service Center in New York before, and the prices were astronomical, turnaround time was terrible, and communication was non existent. Mark kept me informed throughout the process and shipped quickly. He will service every Rolex of mine or my family members from now on. Happy to have found him and wanted to share my experience with you all. Peter

Dear Mark, I received the watch in the mail this weekend and it is working just fine. Thank you very much! Your level of service and pricing can’t be beat! I will surely recommend your services to other watch owners. warmest regards, Fabian

Dear Mark, The Rolex arrived safely today, the band size is perfect and I am very pleased. I expect to be a repeat customer I was very happy with your service, thank you, Dimity

Mark, I just wanted to follow up on the great job you did in cleaning and getting my Rolex back in shape. I t runs great and keeps “perfect” time. I can leave it on the night stand and put it on at 3PM and it is still running. Thanks for a great job, well done. regards, Carl Sauer

Mark, thanks. I received the Elgin Father Time back yesterday, and it looks and runs great. The time since yesterday is right on the dot whereas before it would have lost 5+ minutes. Another superb job and I appreciate your true craftsman work. Thank you once again. Best regards ……. Jim

Mark, thank you so very much for your service! I received the watch on the 23rd, and it is gorgeous. It was wonderful to have it back in time for the holidays, and I used it a few times as a conversation piece. Two uncles remarked that they had watches sitting in jewelry boxes, and one brought out a 90 year old Elgin and two Walthams that need cleaning and more. I spoke highly of your professionalism, as well as your flexibility around my zany ideas. They both asked for your website. Thank you again, and I’ll certainly come back when my watch requires cleaning. Hope your New Year starts off right! Roy

My Rolex Air King arrived yesterday and it looks like new. I set it and it,s keeping time perfect time. Thank you for a fine Job. Richard Zobel

I picked the watch up this morning. It seems in good order and is ticking away on my wrist. Paul

Hi Mark: I got the watch back today already. Looks good and I am wearing it and will check the timing over the next few days. Thanks for servicing it so quickly. I will use you again for future watch service as well. Thanks again, Richard Quan

Mark, Thanks for doing such a nice job on my Rolex, it looks great! I appreciate the quality job you did and the quick turn around on the repair! I wish I would have known about you sooner, I wouldn’t have waited so long. Merry Christmas, Roger

Mark, just received the Rolex cleaned, polished and appears to be running perfectly. Thanks for another fine job. The rewinding is now smooth. Appreciate your quality workmanship. Mike Howell

Mark – The watch arrived today and it looks great! Very nice job. Many Thanks. John Gibboni

Dear Mark: Just a note to thank you for your excellent job on my pocket watch. The quality of your work, the timeliness, and your professionalism are unsurpassed. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that is in need of watch repair. Thanks again and again. Sincerely, Doug Stephens Ogden, Utah

I have lost count of all of the watches you have serviced and repaired for me, But I can safely say they have all been done very professionally and with great results ! Your charges and turn around time are excellent and all anyone could reasonably expect ! I intend to keep on using your service in the future. Thank you for doing business the old fashion way ! Bert Perdue

I cannot tell you how beautiful my watch looks. Thank you so very much for the work you did on Mom’s Rolex. It arrived moments ago and is back on my wrist already. I am going to put your business card in my address book because I never want to lose it. I know I have found a skilled and honest businessman. Joyce Coleman

Thank you for the great service. My Rolex GMT Master II is keeping time perfectly for over a week now, I haven?t had to wind it each day like I used to. The new mainspring and cleaning certainly did the trick. You provided quick and professional service at a fraction of the cost of my local Rolex dealer. A very satisfied customer, Sincerely, David

RE: Omega Seamaster automatic / date, Stainless Steel, logo back, # 565 movement. My apology for not letting you know promptly that the watch arrived and has been “right on the money” your cleaning improved the watches performance by correcting the erratic behavior. I would love to know if the mechanism showed excess wear or damage / repair? What did you notice about the jeweled movements, main spring or internal condition, excessive gum / dried oil , abuse? On the other hand you may not have noticed anything unremarkable and that’s OK too. Thanks, David Kent

Mark:I’ve been wearing my “refurbished” watch for over 1 week and am writing to say it’s now keeping time as accurately as when new. I had some doubts about sending a Rolex through the mail based on a single recommendation, but am certainly very happy with the result. The price was great and well under what the local Rolex dealer would have charged. Your prompt communication and rapid response was really appreciated. If you need a reference for your work, I will gladly attest to your professionalism. Gregory Bechtel

Dear Mark On Tuesday I received my Rolex in the mail. I opened the box and was extremely happy at the condition of my Datejust. The 40 year old watch looked brand new. It is also now keeping accurate time. When I mailed it out to you, the watch was inoperable. Even better than the quality of the work performed was the service that I received. Any communication that I sent was met with an immediate and professional response. Thank you for the quality and timely worked performed on timepiece. I plan to recommend you to all of my friends. Gregory Galinsky

“Mark, got my watch back and it has easily exceeded expectations; it has been running “non stop,” ha ha, since I got it back. Thanks for being so honest and concerned about the problems with my Rolex. I will try to refer anyone I can to you.”
– Mark Spriedejs

Hi Mark,
I received my like new Rolex on Tuesday. WOW it looks and runs like it did when I first saw it 20 years ago. Also, it used to run down if I left it off overnight while sleeping. Not anymore. It is keeping perfect time, even when I do not wear it for more than 8 hours or so. Again, my thanks for making this repair affordable. I doubt if I would have paid the $500.00 required by local Rolex dealers to make the repairs. Since my wife and I both bought our Rolex (his and hers) right after we were married 20 years ago, it means a lot to me to be able to keep wearing it. Please let me know if you ever need a reference.

God Bless you and your family.


Hi Mark….Received my 14K Gruen auto back from you on Saturday. The 14K gold case was nice and brilliant ; the refinished silver dial was done to perfection and the new crystal looked great !! Looks like a NOS watch. Been kind of a hectic weekend so I haven’t set down and wound it up completely, but it seems to be keeping excellant time. I just want to thank you for the great work you’ve done and the fast turn around…..and thanks for being patient and answering all my emails, too. Thank you,
– Alan Bozich

Dear Mark:

The watch has arrived!!

Where do I begin, first and foremost it looks and now runs fantastic!

I am wearing it for the first time in many many years, you did a great job and I am very happy with the end result. You see adds posted all over the internet and your add on ebay was great with all the testimonials. I was completely confident that you were the man for this job, my only regret is that I should have spent a tad more money and had you put in a crystal face or what ever you call that.

Damn fine work you do!!!

You are the big dog in my book!!

Mark, If you ever need another testimonial please use my name and this e-mail.

I am 100% sure I will use you in the future.


Glenn Lerman

Hi Mark: I checked around the DC area for cleaning and service of my Rolex Submariner. Places wanted $275 to $350.00 I shopped around and called Mark. After talking to him I decided to give him a try. He did a great job at very reasonable price. He communicated thru the entire process and deliver was packaged well and shipped as promised. I will be sending him my wife’s watch when it needs service too.


“Hi Mark!

“Absolutely! I’m more than happy to give you a great reference. Thanks Again!”

– Bob Dilworth


“First, I live in Phoenix, AZ and was very apprehensive about sending a $20,000. Rolex watch half way across the country to a watch repair shop I only found on the web. My wife commented that I will lose the watch in the process with little to no way of recovery. In essence, I should send this valuable piece of jewelry to a simple P.O. box.

“I did some investigation and found that Mark was well respected in his city, and, yes, the Chamber of Commerce had heard of him positively. Hence, I decided to give him a try.

He insisted that I insure my watch for the full value with a delivery receipt sent to me should something happen in transit. This relieved my mind somewhat.

“I sent the watch and it arrived in four days. He immediately contacted me to tell me that all was well and he would start on the repair the next day and advise me of the charges and length of time needed.

“The next day he emailed me the repair problems and charges. He also told me that he would have to send the watch out to repair a portion that he was incapable of repairing himself. Of course, I became worried once again. He said that the outside repair would take approximately one week and he would keep me advised.

“Yes, he wrote to me twice during that week to update me and assure me that all was well. The watch arrived back at his shop three days late according to Mark but the repair was done correctly. He immediately emailed and told he would ship the watch the next day fully insured.

“I received the watch back two days later in perfect shape and in mint condition.

“I would definitely recommend Mark and his shop as professional jewelry’s with the highest integrity and would not hesitate to send any repairs to him in the future.”

—William R. Taylor


You repaired a watch for me a few years ago, and I was very pleased with the quality of the work.

Recently one of my colleagues at the university had his Tudor quit working. This had been given to him by his father and he was quite disturbed.

I recommended your shop – and he is also ecstatic with the quality of your work.

It is through excellence that a business such as yours succeeds.


Ron Elkins


Forgot to write you earlier with all of this primary nonsense going on, but I wanted to thank you for the prompt and excellent work cleaning my watch. Looks brand new, which is a neat trick since it’s 40 years old. People have actually asked me if I bought it this week.


Again, thanks for your excellent work. You have my highest recommendation for future customers.

Dan Seligson

“Very happy with the service of the Watchdoctor. My watch was returned to me in a timely manor, looking new, and has been keeping perfect time since the overhaul–reasonably priced, too. Thank you.”

– Roland Yates

“I’ll be more than happy to give you great feedback, Mark. I’ll also be happy to talk to any prospective customer that you want to email or call me. You did great work and all the watches are happily running.”

– Bradley Blevins

“The service/repairs that you did (I am wearing the 1920’s ELGIN as I type) are doing great.


– Dirk Hunt

“I have found Mr. Sirianni’s repair fees to be extremely affordable and his workmanship excellent. I reccomend him to all my friends.”

– Cliff Donley

“Mark does fabulous work, in a timely fashion, at a fair price. I most highly recommend The Watch Doctor for all your watch repair needs”

– Jack Ryan

“Mark, It would be a pleasure to share my experience with future customers. I found your work to be professional and prompt. I would recommend you to anyone needing watch repair.
Thank you.”

– Holly Sanderson

“Mark, Please feel free to use me as a reference. In comparison to most dealers and other repair services, your prices for services especially on Rolexes) are more than reasonable.

“My experience was great and I would be more than happy to share it with anyone.”

– Billy Frye

“Mark is a complete professional. His turnaround time is fast. He does quality work. Best of all, I trust him to advise me about how much to spend on a watch. He gives honest recommendations to me even when I get carried away about an old watch that is pretty but would cost more to fix than it is worth.

“I would be happy to correspond with potential customers.”

– Bonnie Enniking

“I would be glad to give a positive feedback to anyone about your business. Thanks again for your prompt and excellant serive both in the repair and your mailing back to me the watch.”

—Karl Besteder

“Mark fixed several things on Omega Constellation to my complete satisfaction, was prompt with the repairs, very reasonable on price, and best of all, kept in touch with me throughout the entire transaction. If you want it done right, at a fair price, Mark is your person.”

– Roy S. Jones

“I used Mark to fix my Rolex. I first saw his auction on Ebay. It was a little stretch of my comfort zone to send my Rolex to someone on Ebay. However, I’m so glad I did. He fixed it completely and had it back in less than a week. Local estimates had been 300 to 300 Hundred dollars and I believe his fee was around 80 dollars!! I did call him first and he was very helpful and honest in what he expected to see and how he would deal with it.

“I HIGHLY recommend him for Rolex repair and am sure he is just as good with all watch repairs. I would be happy to email you from my home in North Carolina and answer any questions that I could for you. Do the best thing and let him help you like he did me.”

– Dave Herrmann

“The Watchdoctor (Mr. Sirianni) repaired my Hamilton ‘Railway Special’ and made it run like new. This beloved antique pocket watch was a gift from my father, given to me almost forty years ago, so I searched the internet carefully for the most reliable and knowledgeable expert on pocket watches that I could find. Mr. Sirianni promptly gave me a repair appraisal, fixed the watch, and returned it very carefully packaged. I highly recommend his service.”

– Ruben Quintero

“About a year ago I ‘won’ a Spaceview Acutron watch on an EBAY auction. Mark Sirianni was the seller. The watch arrived in a timely manner, and was in better condition than Mark had described. I was thrilled with my purchase. Shortly thereafter I acquired a used Rolex Submariner that appeared cosmetically good; however it didn’t keep accurate time. I contacted Mark, and he informed me that he would need to open the back to make an accurate assessment as to what would be required for repair. I sent the watch; his estimate was about 75% less than I had been quoted by Rolex. His repair work was ‘spot on’, and delivered back to me in Hawaii in a very short time. Frankly, I think he undercharged me, so I am only too happy to recommend his services based on my two transactions with him. If I need his services in the future I would entrust him with my most prized timepieces in my collection. It’s nice to know there are still some old world craftsmen out there who are reliable, honest, and efficient.”

– Michael H. Sobel

“My experience with Mark Sirianni Watch repair service has been exceptional. Besides doing a superb job of restoring my treasured old Bulova, his work was timely with very reasonable priceing, and he facilitated excellent communication regarding the project – I plan to use Mark’s service on any future repair projects, and wholeheartedly recommend his service to new customer prospects”

– Bud Swanson

“Mark was very helpful with all my questions before I even sent my rolex to him for an overhaul. Turnaround time was quick and the watch looks and works perfect. Would use mark’s services again.”

– Dave

“Mark’s service has proven to be both extremely professional and reliable. I have entrusted Mark with many of my watches including Rolex, Cartier, Baum et Mercier and have recieved nothing but top notch service at an extremely reasonable price. I wouldn’t think of entrusting my watches with anyone else.”

– Scott Gunn

“I was very pleased with the work you did on my pocket watch. I would and have recommended you to my friends and others, whom I know that have and collect old pocketwatches. It is hard to find someone you can trust anymore with your valuables.”

– Ken Porter

“Hi, Mark, I would be glad to let folks know I was satisfied with your work on my watches. And that you also advised me that a couple of watches would cost more to fix than they were worth. Honest, dependable, great communication. And if you need to have someone email me I will answer emails. All my watches are running great at this time, if I need you I know where you’re at. Thanks.”

– Richard

“Hi Mark,

“I don’t mind if one of your prospective customers e-mails or even calls me. You’ve serviced ladies Rolexes for me and I’ve been happy with the jobs.


– Mike Emery

“Hi, Mark,

Please feel free to refer questions from potential customers to me. I have been very pleased with the quality of your work as well as the prices. In fact, I will ship a couple of watches to you later this week.

“I have been a collector of vintage watches for over 10 years. During this time I have gained some measure of knowledge and skill in simple repairs. However, I realize and am comfortable with my limitations. I never attempt to work on a piece that is extremely expensive or valuable to me. I do this for fun and can do without the stress.”

– Mitch Garland

“My experience with Mark, The Watchdoctor, was excellent. I was a little apprehensive at first to sending my beloved Rolex to an unknown source who would repair it at about 1/4 the price without ever hearing anything about the company. But after talking to Mark I was convinced everything would be ok…..And it was! My watch was returned completely cleaned and repaired and ahead of schedule. It has kept perfect time, which was better than ever before. I recommend this service highly.”

– Ken Mazur

“Quality work on my President and other Rolex pieces, fast, efficient and quick turn around.

“Highly recommend!”

– Chuck Bartel

“I would like to thank you for the work you have done on my watches. They are always spotlessly clean, well timed and run perfectly, even some of these really old pocketwatches I’ve sent have come back probably better than they were originally, over 100 years ago! You have proven to be honest and trustworthy. Thats’ why I can send you the ones I hold most dear. I know they will be effiecently repaired, cleaned and sent back quickly.”

– Les Johnson

My watch arrived safe and sound today, gleaming like new. Thanks for the good (and quick) work!

– Meera

Mark- I recieved my Rolex that you worked on yesterday. I can’t thank you enough for the quality of your work. My 20 year old watch looks brand new. Your honesty and integrity (you could have charged me much more) is greatly appreciated. I will be sending you my wife’s Rolex after the holidays, as well as any other watch that needs repair in the future. Please feel free to use me as a reference as you see fit.

– Phil Franchini

Mark, I received my Bulova Sea-King yesterday, and it looks wonderful and has been keeping perfect time. Thank you so much.

Jordan Litt

At the outset I was concerned about sending my 1950’s Rolex for repair. The results are far more than I expected. Mark explained everything and kept me informed throughout the whole process. It was returned in excellent condition and the fee was more than reasonable. I would be happy to recommend the “watch doctor” to anyone. Joe Lynch.

Thank you sooooooooo much. You did a marvelous job. I received the watch late this afternoon, as expected. It is exciting and a wonder to do business with someone who is as reliable and trustworthy as you. Thank you for fixing my watch, but thank you for this wonderful experience as well.


Mark: my watch was delivered today. Thankyou for your professionalism and your expertise regarding the repair/cleaning/oiling of this watch.

It is keeping excellent time, it looks like a new watch, and I am completely satisfied. Your short turn around interval is really great too!

I will definitely keep you in mind for any future needs.

– James Wendel

I want to go on record that you have handled everything in the most responsible and professional way. The watch is keeping perfect time, you were prompt, courteous and everything was done at an attractively fair price. A customer could not ask for more.

Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement of your work.


Louis C. Kleber

The watch arrived today, looking better than it did when it left here. I’m sure it keeps better time now as well. Thank you for the work you did. I look forward to wearing it.

Jim Schwartz

Mark: Watch arrived today is great shape. Looks new, and my wife is very happy. Great job. Thanks, Don

Thanks, Mark

The Rolex is here and running fine again.

Merry Christmas!

Marilyn Turner

Hi Mark, Just a note to let you know my watch arrived this morning. It looks fabulous, thank you very much indeed.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone who needs a fine watch craftsman.

Kindest Regards and wishes for a very Merry Holiday.

Ken Jones.


Got the watches on Monday, both are working well. Thanks much. I ll be sending you a couple or 3 more after the 1st of the year. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Todd Hammond

Hi Mark,
The watch arrived yesterday and looks great.
I had it running overnight and checked it this morning and after work and it’s keeping excellent time.
I want to thank you for such a fantastic job and your turnaround time is just remarkable.
I also would like to say, your repair rates are very reasonable.
I have a few more watches for you to look at and I’ll let you know about them as soon as I can.
I’m sure glad I gave you a try, you are an outstanding watchmaker.
Thanks so much!

Hi Mark,
I have to follow up, I have had my watch back for 5 days now and it has been running nonstop and keeping perfect time.
Thank You Again
Ed Mahoney

Mark, The Watch Doctor, recently overhauled two watches for me, one of
which and needed parts that are not easily available.  When I got them
back, they completely exceeded my most optimistic expectations, both
in appearance and performance. With both watches, Mark kept me advised
by email of every step in the process and, when I spoke to him on the
phone, he was very cordial and accommodating.  He is surely a master
of his craft, his prices are very reasonable, and both watches were
returned to me much sooner than I had anticipated.  I would recommend
him without reservation and will use him again if the occasion arises. Thanks, Ginny